How GrowthSpree helped AdOnMo book demo calls with brands and marketing agencies in India for their DOOH


AdOnMo is powering the next wave of high-impact advertising in India, which is shaping the urban advertising landscape - through targeted DOOH advertising.

Founded: 2017
Headquarters: Hyderabad, Telangana
Size: 201-500 employees


Adonmo is India's largest Digital Screen Network and enables brands to execute Out-of-Home campaigns with the speed and flexibility. The objective was onboard and convert brands and marketing agencies.

Primary KPI:

Demo Calls Booked

Targeting marketing heads in apparel, real estate, retail, hospitality brands as well as marketing agencies.

It was a multi-channel outreach with personalized cold outreach through emails and LinkedIn.

First, we implemented Lemwarm to warm the domain to improve and boost email deliverability.Then, we created and executed outbound email campaigns using Lemlist to ensure:

  • Maximum deliverability in the primary inbox
  • Personalization of each email as per prospect information
  • A/B Testing of different email variations
  • Efficient tracking and reporting of campaign performance

Lemlist + Dripify Combined Interested and Reply Rate Over Time


Total unique companies
unique prospects reached out
284 (14.71%)
63 (3.26%)
116 (6.01%)
Not Marked into any category
66 (3.42%)
Not Required as of now
23 (1.19%)
Not Interested

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