How GrowthSpree Helped Legistify Identify & Scale in International Market

growthspree - legistify

Legistify is one of the world's leading and fast growing legal technology companies.

Founded: 2015
Headquarters: Gurugram, Haryana
Size: 51-200 employees


3 months back we began with the customer discovery phase.

The main objective for Legistify, a legal solutions platform, was to identify international markets to scale in. The objective was to "Discover" customers in ME, Africa, SEA, USA, and APAC.

At the end of the second month, we had a clear idea of targeting Africa, the Indian Sub-continent and SEA based on the validation.

In the third month, we switched from the discovery to the development phase for Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

Primary KPI:

Calls Booked

Head of Legal, Legal Counsels in companies with legal teams.

It was a multi-channel
cold outreach through emails and LinkedIn.

First, we implemented Lemwarm to warm the Zeda domain to improve and boost email deliverability. Then, we created and executed outbound email campaigns using Lemlist to ensure:

  • Maximum deliverability in the primary inbox
  • Personalization of each email as per prospect information
  • A/B Testing of different email variations
  • Efficient tracking and reporting of campaign performance


For Discovery Phase in 3 months with 2 seats

Total Prospects Reached out
359 (13.04%)
31 (1.12%)
116 (4.21%)
Not Interested
23 (6.4%)
Not required as of now
144 (5.23%)
Not marked into any category
45 (1.63%)

After this initial activity, we scaled up in Africa only with 2 seats.

Unique Prospects Reached Out
200 (10.5%)
32 (1.68%)
63 (3.31%)
Not Interested
14 (0.73%)
Not required as of now
66 (3.47%)
Not marked into any category
25 (1.31%)

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